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Supporting any Device

FindWhere can integrate practically any device into the Oracle Based SaaS Software Platform so you can benefit from all the advanced features and portal services without having to develop and manage your own software and infrastructure.

Global Monitoring Partners

FindWhere has a Worldwide network of well-known Monitoring partners. Through these global partnerships FindWhere secures ongoing innovative and effective co-operations to maintain and reinforce software development. Also establishing a rich environment for collaboration.

Hybrid Location

FindWhere uses a combination of Hybrid Location technologies such as AGPS, Wi-Fi / Cell triangulation and RFid / NFC technology to facilitate location information. Even inside buildings or underground FindWhere guarantees an accurate location update worldwide.

BS8484 Compliant

FindWhere is fully certified to BS 8484 – Code of practice for the provision of lone worker device. (LWD) services

Lone worker solutions embedded in your software!

The law requires employers to consider carefully, and then deal with, any health and safety risks for people working alone. Employers are responsible for the health, safety and welfare at work of all their workers or any contractors or self-employed people doing work for them. SoloSecured provides a fully automated, resilient and secure hosted SaaS Web-based Monitoring Platform. The software platform in combination with FindWhere’s Mobile & Smartphone Solutions or Hybrid GPS Devices offer a complete Lone Worker safety system. Contact us to discuss a tailored solution that meets your needs and maintains the trust and confidence of your end users.

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What SoloSecured Offers You


The Red Alert function is a 24/7/365 facility for a Lone Worker feeling in distress, danger, injured or seriously ill. Designed to give peace of mind should the worst occur. The Amber alert is a valuable tool to help a lone worker give background information about where they are, the activities being carried out, and any particular risks that are apparent.

Man-Down/non Movement

Automatic alerts in the event of a trip, fall, no motion or unknown health problem. Our devices and apps will automatically raise a 'Man Down Red Alert' and contact the Alarm Receiving Centre.

Fall Detect

Our devices and apps will automatically detect if the wearer has fallen and raise an alarm call for help. The sensitivity settings can be adjusted to suit the individual user.

Time & Attendance

Besides the alarm and monitoring features to ensure they your Lone Workers safety, we provide solutions that let you know where your Lone Workers are, and where they have been. We allow your Lone Workers to record what they have done on site, without having to fill in timesheets.

Management Reports

SoloSecured bespoke reporting tool gives independence and clear visibility to report on usage, add and delete users, change protocols, access maps and location information, retrieve incidents and manage your account, all presented in real time. The web based Management Portal gives you the freedom to manage your own Lone Worker procedures and protocols.

API connectivity

Organizations can benefit directly from API connectivity. Integrate valuable Lone Worker information such as location, events, reports and all alarm handling into your already existing software.

Real-time Tracking

The portal can be accessed 24/7 and updates in real time. The secure online interface instantly replicates the information to ensure accuracy during an alarm.

Voice Monitoring

Two-way audio allows controllers to assess the situation and reassure the user. All alarm audio is automatically digitally recorded and stored for evidential use in prosecutions.

Amazing Support

We believe that we have a responsibility to guide Lone Workers and Employers through the whole process of Lone Worker Safety. With over 10 years’ experience in tracking, tracing in different organisations we came up with the perfect One-Stop solution to benefit your organisation at any level. Providing the best value for money Lone Worker Solution & Support on a global scale.

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