•  Platform and app features

The features of our iFind Mobile app and LBS platform are incredibly comprehensive. We do not just offer one feature, but actually combine several usefull ones to supply in demands that lie in line with eachother, We've got it all covered. 

 Whats in the app?


    • Geofences

    • Panic button

    • Red Alert

    • Amber Alert

    • Alert with Key Lock

    • Man-down monitoring

    • Fall detection

    • Cell ID / Wi-Fi failover

    • Hybrid tracking


  • NFC supported

  • Time and attendance

  • GPRS with SMS failover

  • Roaming interval

  • Battery status

  • Automatic updates

  • Block settings

  • Vitality sensing


    • Chat/status messaging

    • Autostartup

    • Serverside healthceck

    • Battery efficient

    • Motion sensitive

    • Timer based reports

    • Event based reports

    • Smart reports in case of distress (up to 10 sec.)

  •  FindWhere provides a turn-key SaaS location based service platform

GPS tracking has advanced beyond dedicated hardware where mobile phones, often already owned by the customer or organisation, are an ideal platform to scale without the hassle of hardware, simcards, mobile subscriptions and warranty&support contracts. Smartphones equipped with iFind Mobile can easily facilitate for a robust and scalable LBS service.

FindWhere's, Oracle based, Location Enabler Platform gives organisations the powerful tools to fully control their LBS services, eg iFind Mobile and any GPS tracking device. Having full control of your business and being able to easily explore new verticals without endless consultancy allows any organisation to be agile and scalable in a secure and robust FindWhere SaaS environment.

  • iFind Mobile, Global mobile phone tracking solutions

FindWhere's iFind Mobile is designed as a native app supporting all major mobile phone operating systems. Mobile phones are centric in various organisations and professional services. FindWhere's iFind Mobile respects the priority for calling and messaging. As such, iFind Mobile is designed to be efficient and due to battery saving technology will only impact 10% on daily usage.

The app works on:

iFind Mobile supports ios-android-windows-phone-blackberry

ios android windows phone blackberry

  • Secure, Web-based, Tracking Portal

All location and telemetry information is directly available in FindWhere's panel(or private labelled) web based tracking portal. GPS tracking devices and iFind
Mobile can be combined in the same end-user management interface for your organization or customers. The online portal features a.o.

  • current and historical locations and addresses
  • setup alerts on geofences/safe zones and events
  • manage all GPS device specific settings,
  • view alerts and set notification messages.


  • GPS tracking device diagnostic platform

GPS tracking device agnostic through Findwhere's FDI (FindWhere Device Integration) interface. FindWhere's location enabler platform supports more than 20+ types of hardware and can connect to any other.

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