Supported Mobile Operating Systems

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'Simply download and install iFind Mobile on the existing GSM/GPRS phone and use the online Tracking Panel to monitor and support your lone workers and mobile teams.'

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Mobile Phone
  • Panic button
  • Red Alert / Amber Alert
  • Raise Alert with Key Lock enabled
  • Battery safe options
  • Definable location reporting
  • Unique Cell ID / Wi-Fi failover
  • GPRS with SMS failover
  • National and roaming intervals
  • Battery status reporting
  • Automatic application updating
  • Block settings/application removal
  • System admin driven access to options
  • System admin password protection
Online Panel
  • View locations and addresses
  • Define alert options
  • Set up and manage safe zone settings
  • Set up and manage speeding
  • Edit and change mobile settings
  • View all ALERTS
  • Manage contact notifications
  • Check historical location trails
  • State of the art XML integration
  • Manage mobile settings
  • Set up and manage new devices
  • Real time push alerts
  • Historical location retrieval
  • Integrate with any 3rd party service or database

Enhanced Security for Lone Workers, Mobile Workforces, Duty of Care and Travelers loaded on your existing SMARTPHONES and PDA’s

iFind Mobile turns any Smartphone or PDA equipped with GPS functionality into a security aid with no additional hardware required. Currently, close to 50% of all sold GSM/GPRS Mobile phones are suitably equipped with GPS capability. Features like panic button, speed check, and safe zone options make any suitable Cell Phone or PDA’s perfect devices on which to operate enhanced services for safety and security.

iFind Mobile operates over your existing networks and leverages your cost-effective GPRS based communication plans or universal text messaging plans.Homepage FindWherenew
A web enabled, secure password protected, interface remotely manages your default settings, sets parameters such as report frequency, safe zones, battery save options and sets customized alerts to the relevant operative and internal escalation.

iFind Mobile is your guardian when your company provides security, safety, travel assistance and disaster management services. If you have a duty of care over a mobile workforce or lone workers you can utilize existing communication assets to provide support, assistance and improve worker safety. Knowing when and where someone requires assistance will provide both staff and customer peace of mind.


  • Multifunctional tracking features provide enhanced security
  • Advanced GPS, Cell ID & Wi-Fi functionality for “always on”, real-time Tracking 
  • Low power consuming application designed to operate under normal battery recharge cycles
  • 24/7 online access via secure password protected login XML API feed option allows for direct integration within partners Incident Management Center and response escalation 

Convenient self-evaluation, automatically checks the signal strength and remaining battery life, every 24 hours and reports the Health Status.

Enhance the services to your customer base with real time location, ALERT notification and safe zone monitoring. An optional API allows for complete integration into existing Emergency Response systems and Incident
Management Operations.

Vertical market focus on:

  • Search and rescue
  • Travel assistance
  • Duty of Care
  • Road side assistance
  • Lone workers
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Incident Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Event Management
  • Resource Deployment

Incident Management Center
Location is a key requirement in an emergency responsesituation. When a user triggers a Panic Alert from their mobile it is immediately transmitted to your Incident Management Center. Standard response procedures can now be applied with accurate location information as well as historical location trails that may have led to a hazardous situation.

Roadside assistance
Vehicle breakdowns can happen on any road, or even off-road, at any moment and geographical location. Imagine the advantage to the user of not having to call in to an Assistance Call Center and explain their exact location, if they know it at all. Even walking to a nearby Emergency phone, available along many highways, is not a pleasant exercise after sunset or when in poor weather conditions. A simple alert button on the phone (E-Call) can avoid these inconveniences and enable you to support more users with increased efficiency and effectiveness in your call center.

Duty of Care
Since all employers have a Duty of Care to their employees, not fulfilling it can have serious consequences. The Corporate Manslaughter Bill, as an example, renders organizations proven to be aware of risks need to put adequate measures in place to avoid being vulnerable to litigation. Employees may be away from familiar surroundings and may encounter precarious situations that create increased and unfamiliar threats to their health, safety, and security. Host country circumstances may differ quickly and the types of threats may change – including terrorism, lawlessness, crime, political instability, natural disasters, infectious diseases, travel related sickness, travel accidents, and common travel problems.

This basic unfamiliarity makes it more difficult for employees to respond appropriately to the threats they face, and further increases their exposure to risk and potential harm. Mobile Phone based E-call services are a perfect tool to provide peace of mind, both for employer as well as employee.

Mobile Workforce Service Provider
Companies with mobile resources typically have additional requirements for duty of care and internal control. In some countries Lone Worker laws even require dedicated solutions for employees that work alone in the field. Many are forced to equip workers or vehicles with additional hardware. However with the latest Mobile Phone technology there is no need for additional hardware, avoiding ROI discussions and operational issues like charging.

Simply download and install iFind Mobile on the existing GSM/GPRS phone and use the online Tracking Panel to monitor and support your lone workers and mobile teams. Better still, set up email and text message alerts to the relevant internal resources in your organization or to emergency services and external service providers.

Travel Assistance Service Provider
Members and clients may have traveled to any spot on the globe and need support. In today’s world travelers expect you as service provider to execute in a timely and accurate manner. Location is of crucial importance to determine and assign the optimal response. Two way monitoring ensures the assistance request is received and processed appropriately, whilst the traveler can be informed, the assistance request is received and follow up actions can be executed.