FindWhere solutions for Windows Mobile

iFind Mobile brings a robust tracking and monitoring solution for companies and organisations to position individuals around the globe. A simple software application can be downloaded to the Smartphone which then can be monitored and managed via a secure private portal displaying location information and status events. IFind Mobile provides advanced safety and security tools to your organisation and its employees directly from any excisting mobile phone.

iFind Mobile Features:

  • iFind Mobile operates over your existing networks and leverages your cost-effective GPRS based communication plans or universal text messaging plans. iFind Mobile has a user-friendly interface and provides reassurance to the user.
  • iFind Mobile will locate indoors and outdoors. Starting up automatically secures the user without any manual intervention. iFind Mobile for Android supports hybrid tracking technology including NFC.

iFind Mobile is not just an app…iFind Mobile is fully integrated in FindWhere’s (Oracle based) Location Enabler Platform offering full flexibility for partners to customize different types of user functionality. Simply setup your preferred user profiles and assign them to relevant groups or assets with only the relevant features displaying to the end user. 

App Features:

    • Panic Button

    • Red Alert

    • Amber Alert

    • Mandown Alert

    • Fall Detection

    • Vitality Sensing

    • Audio Recording

    • Status Messaging

    • Dedicated Alert Button

    • Battery Safe Options

    • Event Location Reporting

    • Cell ID / Wi-Fi Failover

    • NFC / Time & attendance

    • Roaming interval

    • Battery Status Reporting

    • Block settings

    • Admin Access

    • Password Protection

    • BS8484 compatible