Employers - An Increasing Risk and Increasing Responsibilities - Your Duty Of Care
In asking employees to deliver your service outside of the relative safety of an office environment, employees are being exposed to increased risk; and in some cases the risk includes the potential for violence and accident within working hours. These risks are foreseeable and need to be assessed, controlled and managed.

Employers are required to introduce appropriate, reasonable and practicable measures to control these risks, or ultimately they must be prepared to manage the moral, reputational and legal consequences.

Employers of lone workers need to know that they have fulfilled their duty of care for their remote workers and mobile employees. They need to know that they are providing reasonable and practicable solutions and fundamentally that they are following industry best practice to avoid any challenges under the legislation. Employers need to know their staff have effective lone worker solutions!

Employees - Staying Safe while Exposed To Risk
Most people at some time during their normal work activity will be engaged in a solo activity out of sight or sound of others. Similarly, someone has to be first to arrive at work and someone will be the last to leave.

Employees travelling and working in the community are exposed to higher risks during the normal working day. They are entitled to receive the same duty of care and effective safe systems of work as their office based colleagues and the last thing they need is to be left exposed due to a busy line, or after hours staff shortages.

Insurers - Underwriting Lone Worker Risk
Employers are already compelled to take out liability insurance; and currently most insurers request employers to ensure they have a lone worker policy. However, insurers are recognising the fact that employers don’t always comply with industry best practice when they make a claim for accidents involving a lone worker. A BS8484 certified lone worker solution removes any ambiguity for insurers and employers.

Police, EMT’s, Paramedics & Firefighters- Responding To Incidents and Alarms
These groups are fundamentally concerned with the appearance of non-accredited and poorly constructed lone worker solutions that cause a rise in false alarms and a subsequent drain on their available resources for dealing with emergencies. BS8484 certified lone worker solutions gives the employer and their staff a guarantee of police acceptance and ensures that police responses will be deployed in the event of any incidents.


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